Netaji Inquiry Committee: Dissentient Report of Suresh Chandra Bose (1956)

Appendix H

The News Editor,

Shri Suresh C. Bose, Member, Netaji Enquiry Committee, has issued the following statement:—

I have seen certain reports in the Press relating to the Netaji Enquiry Committee. Since conflicting reports about me have been made and because there is much confusion in the minds of the public on the subject, I am constrained to issue this statement, which, I hope, will clarify my position.

On the completion of recording of evidence, the Enquiry Committee assembled at New Delhi on 30-6-56 to draft its findings. In the preliminary stages, there was unanimity of the members. But, as the two official members of the Committee came to prepare the ground for arriving at the conclusion that Netaji had died in the alleged plane crash, I expressed my difference with them. At this, the Chairman told me that, in that case I would have to write a dissentient report and submit it separately. Thereafter, I returned to Calcutta and started preparing my report with the papers that were with me. The non-availability of the other papers of the Enquiry Committee, being a serious handicap in my completing the report, I requested the Chairman several times to send them to me. On the 29th July, I received a telegram from the Chairman giving me the ultimatum that if he did not receive my report by the next day, then he would take it that I did not have anything to say on the subject. For obvious reasons, I could not oblige him. Recently, however, Shri Jawaharlal Nehru has requested me to send my report.

I would like to assure the public that I shall certainly complete my report and send it to the Govt, of India. It will be left to them to incorporate it in the report of the Enquiry Committee or not. But the keen interest evinced by my countrymen in the matter, entitles them to know the full details. I shall certainly take them into confidence at the proper time.

2, Moira Street,                                                Suresh Chandra Bose
Calcutta-16                                                       Non-official member,
17th August, 1956.                                       Netaji Enquiry Committee