Broadcast by Bangkok Radio

“I approached Mr Jinnah for a settlement in 1940 but I came away disappointed. The Muslim League is a pro-British body and is supported mainly by 'yes-men' and traitors. That is why the Viceroy frequently calls Mr Jinnah and consults him on important matters. It is the British who are the creators of the Muslim League, which is supported by the millionaires and landlords. Had the Congress and the Muslim League come to an understanding in 1940 at the time of the collapse of France, and when British morale was at its lowest, India would have been free by now. But, Mr Jinnah insisted on the materialisation of Pakistan, which is detrimental to the best interests of India, a demand which hampered our progress towards freedom. The British have long been carrying out a 'divide and rule' policy in India. To further weaken our solidarity the British have engineered the Muslim League demand of Pakistan, which aims at vivisecting India. I can confidently assert that the Hindu-Muslim question is a British creation. This is proved by the fact that though the Indian National Army is mainly composed of Muslim soldiers, there is perfect harmony between them and their Hindu comrades.”

Mr Bose went on to say that the Provisional Government of Free India will shortly take shape and continue functioning until it attains its goal of driving out the British from India. When India is free this Government will be dissolved and a new one will then be constituted by the Indian people. “I believe,” went on Mr Bose, “that Mr Jinnah is doing great harm to the National cause by advocating Pakistan. He is misleading the simple-minded Muslims by lending charm to Pakistan and playing upon their religious fanaticism. We all know that India will be plunged into a welter of chaos and confusion if the Pakistan scheme comes to fruition. The Muslims fail to realise that the British are the enemies of the Muslims and Islam, and their policy has always been directed against them. It was the British who brought about the downfall of the Moghals and enslaved India. Will the British ever liberate India? We think not, they will perpetuate their hold on us and keep us in bondage. It seems to me that Mr Jinnah is not at all interested in the freedom of India. Had he been sincere and honest towards the Muslims he would have been in jail with other Muslim leaders. Mr Jinnah is doing nothing in this hour of India's peril, and he is satisfying his own vanity by delivering flowery speeches. Mr Jinnah is always surrounded by Muslim landlords and capitalists who are loyal to the British. However, we resent their activities and condemn them for supporting the British. We are anxious to gain our independence. A Free Indian Anny has been organised to deliver India from alien bondage and Indian soldiers will render a great service to Islam by uprooting British influence from their country."