Broadcast by Tokyo Radio (in English)

During his first visit to the Indian Independence League Headquarters in Singapore on July 2, 1943, Netaji told one of the workers:

“Do you believe that I have brains enough not to be fooled by them? Then trust my word when I assure you that I am sure Japs cannot double-cross us. They can only do that if we do not organise properly, if we fail in raising a proper army of Indians to fight for our freedom. We shall have to be awake and alive, on our guard — not only against the enemy British Imperialism, against the imperialistically inclined Japanese bureaucrats, but also against Indians in our own ranks. With discipline, we must be ready for every sacrifice. Let each man be ready to work. I bring you enough work. Work — work — and work — that is your and my burden.

"We are not content with a Civil Disobedience Campaign. We must take up arms against British Imperialism when the time is ripe,” declared Mr Subhas Chandra Bose at the Indian mass rally held in Shonan today. “The Indian people are now morally prepared to employ other means for achieving independence. All organisations, whether inside or outside India, must now transform themselves into disciplined fighting organisations under our leadership, with the aim and purpose of taking up arms against British Imperialism when the time is ripe.”