Recollections and reflections

Reminiscences, Rafi Ahmad Kidwai

I first came in contact with Subhas Bose in 1923 at Delhi when the Congress was divided into two groups over the question of what was known as 'Council Entry.'...Subhas Babu, as the favourite lieutenant of Deshabandhu, was playing a prominent part in the controversy. more>>

Broadcast by Free India Radio (Saigon, in Tamil)

In an address to the members of the Indian Independence League, Sjt. Subhas Chandra Bose, the new President, said: “Two conditions are essential for the speedy attainment of freedom, a favourable international situation, and a determination on our part not to rest till we reach our goal of complete freedom. I am convinced that the Tripartite Powers are on our side and will be successful in their fight against Britain. I am aware that all the Axis Powers, and specially Japan, sympathise fully with us, and are ready to do all in their power to help us. Therefore, I say that the international situation is in our favour and has given us an opportunity to strike at our enemy. I trust I need not remind you that India's liberation is bound up with an Axis Victory.”