Recollections and reflections

Reminiscences, Rafi Ahmad Kidwai

I first came in contact with Subhas Bose in 1923 at Delhi when the Congress was divided into two groups over the question of what was known as 'Council Entry.'...Subhas Babu, as the favourite lieutenant of Deshabandhu, was playing a prominent part in the controversy. more>>

Broadcast by Berlin Radio

In the course of a recent statement, Mr Subhas Chandra Bose said, “Lord Wavell's appointment as Viceroy of India is Britain's last resort to maintain control over India. With Wavell as Governor General of India, Britain wants to increase their oppressive hold on India. I warn the British Government that such a measure will only add fuel to the already burning antagonistic feeling of the Indians towards the British Government.” Mr Bose pointed out that the Indian people could not take up arms with confidence and should an armed conflict break out, I am certain that his countrymen were quite prepared to take an active part in such an armed struggle. Referring to Marshal Chiang Kai-shek, Mr Bose said that the Chungking leader was respected by the Indian people on the outbreak of the China affair, but his popularity soon waned when it was found that he was playing Britain's Imperialist game to the detriment of Asiatic nations. Regarding the Soviet Union, Mr Bose declared that the Soviet Communists lost a great many followers in India, because on the outbreak of the present Soviet-German War, the Indian Communist Party decided to work in close concert with British oppressors of India.