Recollections and reflections

Reminiscences, Rafi Ahmad Kidwai

I first came in contact with Subhas Bose in 1923 at Delhi when the Congress was divided into two groups over the question of what was known as 'Council Entry.'...Subhas Babu, as the favourite lieutenant of Deshabandhu, was playing a prominent part in the controversy. more>>

Broadcast by Tokyo Radio (in Japanese)

The following is a recorded address of greetings to the Japanese people by Mr Subhas Chandra Bose: “Forty years ago, when I was still attending a primary school, Japan scored a great victory over Russia, and from that time I began to know and respect Japan. Since I arrived in Japan I received great hospitality both from the Japanese Government and the people. I am not a king, nor am I a guest of the Court. My credentials are only that I am a man who came from a Buddhist country and who has been fighting for the independence of his country, India, for the past twenty years. Japan declared war against our enemy, Britain, and has inflicted crushing damage on her. This is a heaven-sent opportunity for the Indians to realise their ideals of 'India for the Indians.’ If we miss this golden opportunity, it will never come our way again. We will fight and we know we will win.”