Free India Radio, Saigon

The Nippon Times, in a special issue, asserts that the people of Japan have warmly welcomed Mr Subhas Chandra Bose as a great nationalist leader of India who has given his life to the cause of Indian struggle of independence. The Nippon Times writes, every Asiatic citizen is naturally proud of such a patriotic leader who is a beacon of light for India's 400,000,000 people struggling for independence. The unparalleled victories of Japan and her Axis allies have offered the Indians a unique opportunity, such as has never occurred before during the last 300 years, to attain their long cherished freedom. The Indians should not miss this opportunity of destroying British oppression and becoming free men once again. As the leader of East Asia, Japan considers it her pious duty to see her Asiatic neighbours free and prosperous which alone can lead to unbroken peace in East Asia. The paper draws the attention of Indians to the recent speech of Premier Tojo in which he had stated that he felt both pity and indignation when he thought of the miserable Indian situation as well as the injustice prevailing in that country Therefore, Japan had firmly resolved to put an end to British oppression of India once and for all, because Britain alone was responsible for India's utter helplessness and misery.