Statement on Congress Medical Mission to China

I have been informed by the Chinese Consulate in India that the Chinese Government have accepted the offer of the Congress Working Committee to send an ambulance unit to China. It now behoves us to push on with our arrangements and send out the medical mission as early as possible.

AllIndia China Day was successfully observed throughout the country on the 12th June. I am grateful to the public for their splendid response on that day. It is, however, to be regretted that collections could not be made satisfactorily on that occasion owing to shortness of notice. It has been suggested by friends in different parts of the country that someday or days be fixed in July exclusively for collecting funds for our medical mission.

I heartily approve of the idea and fix the 7th, 8th and 9th July as China Fund Days. The dates 7th and 9th July are of great historical importance so far as the Chinese people are concerned. I request Congress organisations all over the country to make an intensive drive on these days for collecting funds. All sums collected should be sent to the AllIndia Congress Committee office at Allahabad. Let us not forget that we must collect a sum of Rs 22,000 on that occasion.

It would be a token of our regard for the Chinese people and would also help considerably to collect funds if miniature Chinese flags are sold on these days. This device should prove useful in the big cities and I hope that wherever possible these three days will also be observed as China Flag Days.

In places where there are members of the China sub-committee, they could make the necessary arrangements for the collection of funds in consultation with the local Congress organisations. In Bombay in particular, Sj. GP Hutheesingh, the Secretary of the China sub-committee is authorised to make thenecessary arrangements in consultation with the Bombay Provincial Congress Committee.

I do hope that our collections will be enough to keep our medical mission at work for at least one year.

In conclusion I should like to inform the public that orders have already been placed with Ford's for a fully equipped ambulance which will be sent by them straight to Hong Kong. The ambulance together with the medical staff will be living emblem of India's sympathy and good will for the great Chinese people in the darkest hour in their history. I earnestly hope and trust that the response of the public will be worthy of the Congress and of the Indian nation.