Translated from the original Bengali JEEBON ADHYAYAN, by Dhira Dhar. Reproduced with permission of Jay Bhattacharjee (son of Kalyani Bhattacharjee)


The first few pages of this book were published in some of the issues of " Mandira" That probably was the first time my timid words came out in print.

I never had enough courage to think of writing a book. My dear brother Amal and our friend Bishwanath had always encouraged me to describe my prison experiences and had often requested me to write a book about them. My father also wished to see a book written by me.

The other day Sobharani, my comrade for many years, found eternal rest after long days of suffering. She bore marks of police torture all over her body and had lain bed-ridden with paralysis for years. She would hold my hands with a warm welcoming smile whenever I went to meet her. She would say, "Kalyani, so many young people gave up their lives in the quest for freedom; today their families are starving and dying under the oppression of poverty. Our country is not doing anything for them. The young people of today do not know anything about these martyrs. Let me get well, then both of us will write the history of their lives." My friend did not get well.

We are human and our lives are full of both good and evil, with shades of darkness as well as the glow of light. This is our human life and as we grow, we develop through a study of the human life.

In prison as in my work outside, throughout life I have found great opportunity to study human life. I consider myself fortunate. All my memories will sustain me through my remaining years.

I pray and hope that my "study of life" will inspire others and benefit the nation.

Sj.Abinash Chandra Majumdar, elder brother of Late revolutionary Dinesh ChandraMajumdar, has taken charge of my writings and has resolved to have them published. I remain ever indebted to him.

Finally I beg forbearance for all the mistakes and shortcomings in my writing.