Subhas Chandra Bose - A Chronological List of Key Events

Year Date Event
1902-08   Protestant European School
1909-12   Ravenshaw Collegiate School
1912   Friendship with Hemanta Kumar Sarkar
1913   Entered Presidency College for Arts course with Philosophy as major. Friendship with Dilip Kumar Roy
1914   Summer vacation: Ran away from home
1916 February Rusticated from Presidency on the charge assaulting Professor Oaten with other students
1917 July Granted permission by Calcutta University to resume studies
1919 15 September Left for England
1919 20 October Reached London
1920 August ICS exam
1921 22 April Resignation from ICS
1921 July Return to India
1921   Assigned by Das to work as the principal of the Bengal National College, organiser in the National Volunteer Corps and with the weekly Banglar Katha. Started publicity work for BPCC and met national leaders at a meeting in Calcutta
1921 November Hartal in Calcutta on account of visit by Prince of Wales
1921 December Arrested, sentenced to 6 months in jail, along with CR Das.
1922 March Gandhi sent to prison for 6 months
1922 August Bose released from jail
1922 September Chairman of the reception committee of the All Bengal Youngmen’s Conference; leads flood relief operations in North Bengal
1923 1 January Swarajya Party formed by CR Das
1923   Became secretary, BPCC; publication of Forward starts; Bose also managed Atma Sakti, a more radical paper; starts attending AICC meetings in other parts of India.
1923   CR Das’s Bengal Pact with Muslim leaders. Subhas & Sarat support.
1924   Calcutta Municipal Corporation elections; Das elected Mayor; Sarat alderman, Subhas CEO
1924   Did not attend the Bengal Provincial Conference at Sirajgunje (presided by Das)
1924 25 October Arrested under Regulation III of 1818; held in Calcutta jail during the first six weeks; sent to Berhampore jail in first week of December
1925 January Sent to Mandalay towards the end of January
1925 16 June Death of CR Das
1927   Government appoints the Indian Statutory Commission under John Simon
1927 February Subhas brought to the Rangoon Central Jail
1927 May Released
1927 June-October In Shillong
1927 November Elected president of BPCC; invited to become a member of Motilal Nehru’s Committee which was drawing up the ‘swaraj constitution.’
1927 December Congress session in Madras; Subhas could not attend; Appointed general secretary for 1928 along with Nehru. Nehru’s (back from a year and a half of Europe trip) resolution for complete independence passed
1928   Defeated by BK Basu in the mayoral election of Calcutta
1928 3 February Simon Commission lands in Bombay
1928 April & May Nagpur, Bombay and Poona tour
1928 August Nehru Committee Report issued
1928 December Calcutta Congress (member of Reception Committee); All Parties Convention meets in Calcutta; meeting of All India Youth Congress (chairman of reception committee); Rashtra Bhasa Sammelan (chairman of reception committee)
1929   Subhas and Nehru nominated general secretaries of the Congress; Subhas becomes member of the Working Committee; elected as councillor in the Calcutta Corporation; president of Hindustani Seva Dal; All Bengal Students’ Association split – Bose & Jugantar faction formed Bengal Provincial Students’ Association (BPSA); Sengupta & Anushilan faction remained All Bengal Students Association (ABSA)
1929   Compiled a booklet - Boycott of British Goods
1929 April Bombing of Legislative Assembly by Bhagat Singh
1929 13 September Death of Jatin Das
1929 October Visited Meerut Conspiracy Case accused; first tour of Punjab; presided over the Punjab Provincial Students’ Conference; tours Lahore, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Meerut & Delhi. Lord Irwin issued statement that “the natural issue of India’s Constitutional progress…is the attainment of Dominion Status.” Subhas and Kitchlew issued statement opposing Viceroy and Congress leadership. Bose resigns from CWC but withdraws, persuaded by Gandhi and Motilal.
1929   Motilal sends Pattabhi Sitaramayya to resolve conflict in Bengal Congress. Bose again offers to resign from CWC, but withdraws due to mediation by BC Roy.
1929 December Lahore Congress; Subhas moves resolution for setting up a parallel government – defeated; dropped from Working Committee; Jawaharlal becomes president for another year
1929 December Became president of AITUC; AITUC split, with the breakaway members forming the Indian Trade Union Federation (later National Trade Union Federation)
1930 January Sent to jail for a year; later sentence reduced to nine months
1930 18 April Chittagong armoury raid
1930 22 April Subhas assaulted in jail
1930 22 August Elected to the Calcutta Corporation
1930 23 September Released from prison; took oath as mayor on 24 September
1930 8 December Writers’ Building attack by Binoy Bose, Badal Gupta and Dinesh Gupta
1931 January Attended political prisoners’ conference, Berhampore.
1931 January Subhas imprisoned for seven days during Maldah visit
1931 26 January Subhas takes out procession to mark Independence Day in Calcutta. Stopped and beaten up by police
1931 27 January Sentenced to six months’ imprisonment (released in March)
1931 5 March Gandhi-Irwin pact. Subhas opposes.
1931 15-17 March Subhas meets Gandhi in Bombay
1931 23 March Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru hanged
1931 March Karachi Congress. Subhas reaches Karachi via Lahore. Sengupta in Working Committee, not Subhas
1931 27 March Speech at Naujawan Bharat Sabha
1931 8 April Speech at Amritsar addressing the Sikh League
1931 July Communists split AITUC (Subhas still president)
1931 16 September Hijli prison killings
1931 18 September Subhas resigns as BPCC president and alderman of Calcutta Corporation
1931 11 November Arrested for violating Section 144, trying to enter Dhaka. Released on 14 November.
1931 23 December Attends Maharashtra Youth Conference in Poona
1931 28 December Gandhi lands in Bombay on his return from Roundtable Conference & Europe tour
1931 29 December Subhas-Gandhi meeting
1932 3 January Subhas arrested on train at Kalyan under Regulation III of 1818; imprisoned in Seoni sub-jail in the Central Provinces; Sarat joins him in February
1932 4 January Congress announces Civil Disobedience
1932 May Bose brothers shifted to Jubbulpore Central Jail
1932 July Subhas shifted to Madras; moved to Bhowali Sanatorium in northern India
1932 17 August Government issues communal award; Madan Mohan Malaviya forms Congress Nationalist Party
1932 December Shifted to Lucknow
1933 23 February Sails from Bombay by SS Gange for Europe
1933 6 March Arrives in Venice; moves to Vienna
1933 May Gandhi terminates Civil Disobedience movement; Bose-Patel Manifesto
1933 10 June Bose’s presidential speech read out at the Third Indian Political Conference in London
1933 29 June Travels to Prague from Vienna
1933 7 July Arrives in Warsaw
1933 17 July Leaves for Berlin
1933 Late August From Berlin to Franzensbad (Czech Republic)
1933 September To Geneva to attend a conference organised by International Committee for India on 19 September. Vithalbhai Patel moved to a sanatorium in Gland (near Geneva) – Subhas stays to take care of Patel.
1933 22 October Death of Vithalbhai Patel
1933 25 October Subhas brings Patel’s body from Gland to Marseilles. Returns to Geneva
1933 Mid-November to End of December Stay at Nice
1933 Last week of December Arrives in Rome. Oriental Institute inaugurated by Mussolini. Bose addresses Congress of Oriental Students in Europe and presides over a conference of Indian students in Europe.
1934 January Moves to Milan
1934 February In Geneva
1934 20 March Leaves Geneva for Munich, making a halt at Zurich
1934 23 March In Prague for inauguration of the Indian Society. From Prague to Berlin
1934 28 March Raises the issue of racism and anti-Indian attitude in Germany with the Foreign Office
1934 5 April Memorandum to German Foreign Office
1934 17 April Arrives in Vienna.
1934 26-30 April Visits Rome to meet Mussolini.
1934 3 May Founded the Indian-Central European Association in Vienna
1934 May-mid June Visits Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Belgrade, Zagreb and returns to Vienna
1934 26 November Receives cable from mother about father’s illness
1934 29 November Takes flight from Vienna to Rome. Takes flight next day.
  3 December Death of father Janakinath. Bose reaches Karachi on the same day.
1934 4 December Reaches Calcutta. Put under home internment.
1935 January Leaves for Europe, reaches Naples on 20 January. Moves to Rome. Meets Mussolini, Litvinoff and Amanullah. To Vienna. The Indian Struggle published and banned in India.
1935 March In Switzerland; meets Romain Rolland
1935 24 April Gall bladder, in Vienna. Three weeks at the sanatorium post-operation.
1935 June Kamala Nehru in Vienna for treatment, accompanied by Indira
1935 16 June In Karlsbad
1935 8 September Arrives in Badenweiler to be with Jawaharlal Nehru (who arrived on the same day) and Kamala Nehru
1935 18 September To Badgastein
1936 January To Prague and then to Berlin; to Cologne, Brussels and Antwerp; on to Paris for a few days; to Ireland – three meetings with de Valera; to Paris again (meeting Andre Gide and Andre Malraux)
1936 28 February Death of Kamala Nehru in Lausanne. Bose present.
1936 3 March In Badgastein
1936 17 March Speech at conference of League against Imperialism
1936 27 March Sails from Italy by SS Cante Verde to India
1936 8 April Reaches Bombay, arrested immediately (taken to Bombay then Pune jails)
1936 10 May All India Subhas Day, called by Nehru
1936 May Detained in Sarat Bose’s house in Kurseong till end of the year; period of regular communication between Subhas and Emilie (between August 1936 and October 1937)
1936 17 December Moved to Calcutta Medical College hospital
1937 17 March Released
1937 6 April All Bengal Subhas Day
1937 May At Dalhousie with the Dharamvirs for the next five months
1937 October Back to Calcutta
1937 27 October Rally of Kisan Sabha in Shraddhananda Park
1937 October-November AICC and Working Committee meetings in Calcutta; took his seat as an alderman on the Calcutta Corporation
1937 18 November Left for Europe (Naples airport) on a KLM plane; from Naples to Badgastein by train
1938 January Trip to England
1938 11 January Speech at reception at Saint Pancras Town Hall, presided over by Rajani Palme Dutt
1938 16 January Met de Valera
1938 17 January Met Lord Zetland; met Lord Halifax, Clement Attlee, George Lansbury, Arthur Greenwood, Harold Laski, JBS Haldane, Ivor Jennings
1938 18 January Met GDH Cole, Gulbert Murray, Stafford Cripps; JB Kripalani announces presidentship for Subhas
1938 19 January Leaves Croyden for India, by air; stopped in Prague to meet President Benes; flew to Naples; stops over at Karachi
1938 24 January Reaches Calcutta
1938 29 January Bengal Provincial Conference in Bishnupur
1938 31 January Elected president of BPCC
1938 3 February Working Committee meeting at Wardha
1938 11 February Starts for Haripura, by train
1938 19-22 February Haripura Congress
1938 25 June Resigns from Aldermanship of the Corporation
1938 September AICC meeting in Delhi
1938 October Meeting of the industries ministers of Congress-ruled provinces
1938 December First meeting of Planning Committee, chaired by Nehru
1939 29 January Re-elected as Congress president
1939 15 February Meets Gandhi
1939 22 February Working Committee members resign
1939 10 March Tripuri Congress
1939 29 April AICC meets in Calcutta
1939 3 May Announces formation of Forward Bloc
1939 June First Conference of All India Forward Bloc in Bombay; AICC meeting
1939 9 July Demonstrations against AICC resolutions
1939 July (dates?) Disqualified as president of BPCC and barred from any elective Congress committee for three years from August; BPCC re-elects Subhas, defying Congress HQ; BPCC dismissed, new ad hoc committee under Maulana Azad.
1939 9 September Working Committee meeting at Wardha; Subhas special invitee; asked to discuss war situation with Viceroy
1939 10 October Meets Linlithgow
1940 20 January All India Students’ Conference
1940 19 March Ramgarh Conference
1940 18 June Second Conference of Forward Bloc
1940 29 June Announces Holwell monument movement for 3 July
1940 2 July Arrested under Defence of India Act
1940 26 November Writes to Government about hunger strike from 29 November
1940 5 December Detention order lifted
1941 16-17 January Leaves India